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Are you just starting the college search, not sure where to begin, thinking ahead, or looking for more advice? This page is designed to give parents useful information on the college search, scholarships, and the admissions process.


Starting the search for colleges and college funding can be a confusing and overwhelming process for parents of first time college students. There is hope however! The internet is a powerful source for gathering all sorts of great information. It takes a significant amount of effort, however, so plan ahead and start early!

Useful Tips

  • It’s never too early to start thinking about college. For example, starting a 529 plan when your child is very young may be one of the best tools for college savings.

  • Don’t forget to look for local scholarships. Many times the smaller the geographic area covered by a scholarship award the better the chances of winning it.

  • How important are SAT scores? They are still the single most used indicator that college admission departments use to select students.

  • What is EFC (Expected Family Contribution)? This is the “magic number” created by the Federal Processor (see FASFA), used in many places to determine need-based financial aid.

  • Should I pay a fee to help me file the FASFA application? No – do not pay someone else; the application process is available for free online.

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